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Pakistan Research and Education Grid (PAREGrid): Architectural Design and Deployment Approach

Ovais Khan
Kalsoft (Pvt.) Ltd.
ovais dot khan at acm dot org

Misbahuddin Mirza
misbah dot mirza at nu dot edu dot pk


Grid Computing, Grid Architecture, Grid Applications, Collaborative Grids, Educational Grid, Pakistan Grid, PakGrid, PAREGrid, PAREGIN, Grid Deployment


A number of teams all over the world are working on various aspects of grid computing. This work is part of an ongoing effort to design and implement a research and education grid in developing countries such as Pakistan considering their specific limitations and requirements. It studies the various implementation architectures of grids and based upon the results, proposes Pakistan Research and Education Grid (PAREGrid). PAREGrid is collaborative and educational grid architecture suitable for Pakistani Academic and Research Institutions. It also provides guidelines for the middleware, network infrastructure and services useful for researchers, students and teachers. In order to develop and test the usability of the services, a prototype grid was implemented along with a smaller set of services within the campus of the university.